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Welcome to AstroMarkMusic.com. As a record label with roots in the '60s, we have a long history working with musicians and bands from then and now. This website showcases music from the '60s to the present.  

Being released on vinyl in January 2021 is a new 45 from the Shades of Knight - Journey to Tyme and B side is Revelations. Both songs were written by Kenny and the Kasuals lead guitarist Jerry Smith in 1966. To add a twist to both songs, Jerry Smith and Paul Roach from the original recordings play on this new release.

We are proud to publish a completely new album from Kenny and the Kasuals with material recorded live from a radio broadcast in 1982. This remastered recording brings to life material never recorded by the band. The live recording brings the energy and soul that electrified audiences for generations. This material is available on CD, limited-edition vinyl, and digital download.   

Besides this new recording, all of Kenny and the Kasuals previous music is available for digital delivery through the website. In addition to the entire library of Kenny and the Kasuals music, we also have a Collector's Corner where classic vinyl is offered for sale. Due to the rare nature of these records, it is hard to anticipate what records will be available. We do suggest that you subscribe to our email updates so we can keep you informed of new arrivals of these rate gems! 


In addition to music, we are offering newly designed t-shirts, neck gaiters and coffee mugs with album art. Check out the T-Shirts and Memorabilia Area  

Our area Working Bands showcases bands who are actively recording and performing. If you are a musician or band and would like to be included on the website, please check out the submission guidelines and get in touch.   

Our Legendary Musicians and Bands of Texas area is a tribute to the musicians and bands from Texas who made a contribution to Texas's rich musical history.  

We also offer a curated offering of classic playlists for your listening enjoyment. Besides the playlists our new podcast, "Gator's Garage" offers interviews with musicians, managers, and other interesting people in the music business. 

Also available on this website is original music from Paul Roach the original keyboard player for Kenny and the Kasuals. Paul returned to music-making full-time in 2019 and released three albums and one EP last year. All of Paul's music is also available on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon Music, Google Play, and YouTube Music. All of Paul's music is available for free on this website. In addition to Paul's music, his new book "Notes from the Road" is available from Amazon.  

Its here! Shades of Knight - Journey To Tyme 45 RPM Limited Edition Vinyl shipping now! buy it today!

Journey To Tyme

Shades of Knight

A limited-edition colored vinyl 45 RPM with Journey to Tyme and Revelations. The 2020 remake of the cult classic Journey to Tyme and Revelations (B -Side)

Kelly O'Shea-Lead Vocals

Jackie Don Loe-Lead Guitar

Jerry Smith-Fuzz Bass-Guitars-Vocals - Songwriter and original performer on the 1966 version.

Paul Roach-Organ - performed on the original recording in 1966.

Tye Robison-Drums

This new release features two original members of Kenny and the Kasuals who recorded the originals in 1966!

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New Releases

Journey to Tyme

The Shades of Knight

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The 2020 remake of the cult classic Journey to Tyme.

Kelly O'Shea-Lead Vocals

Jackie Don Loe-Lead Guitar

Jerry Smith-Fuzz Bass-Guitars-Vocals

Paul Roach-Organ

Tye Robison-Drums

Two of the original members of Kenny and the Kasuals play on this new version (Jerry Smith and Paul Roach).

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Paul Roach's New Book
    "Notes from the Road"
Now Available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle editions. A deep look inside being a teenage rock musician in Kenny and the Kasuals in the '60s and working for major rock acts in the '70s, and '80s. Eric Clapton, The Beach Boys, Led Zeppelin, Chicago, Three Dog Night, Queen, Supertramp, and more, get an inside look into being on the road with major touring acts in the golden age of rock and roll. It's only rock and roll and then some!

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