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Welcome to AstroMarkMusic.com. As a record label founded by Mark Lee in the '60s, we have a long history of working with local musicians and bands. While this website showcases groups from both the past to the present, we are actively working to promote today's artists and the venues where they perform. There have been many local bars and clubs close during the pandemic and did not reopen. The pandemic has shown the vulnerabilities of the performing arts. AstroMarkMusic hopes to promote local music to help musicians make a living with their artistry. We will do monthly showcases of various musicians, bands, and the venues where they perform. 

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Music Scene

The Jack Allday Swing Shift Band - Captured live at the Free Man - Frenchmen's Stage - July, 19, 2021

Whether dancing or just listening enjoyment, the Jack Allday Swing Shift will not disappoint. 

Jack ( the drummer ) began his musical trip six decades ago as part of one of Dallas' first successful rock and roll bands, the Night Caps.   This group began while the members were in school, mostly at Woodrow Wilson High, but went on the play for the next thirty years.    Like all bands, the Night Caps eventually drifted apart and a decade or so later Jack founded the now popular Swing Shift Band. 

I caught them a week or so ago at the FREE MAN on Commerce street where they appear most Mondays. 

These guys can play almost any song you can name.   They asked the audience for suggestions and I called out the Herbie Hancock original "Watermelon Man" and off they went, never missing a note. This band appeals to young and old. I'm a bit north of 39 years and I was the oldest person in the room. 

A little Cajun food and the Jack Allday Swing Shift Band; what a great way to spend Monday evening. 

The group consists of Jack Allday ( drums ), Mark Wilson ( upright acoustic ) bass, Dallas McFarland ( piano ), Jon Statler ( soprano sax ), and 90+ year Donnie Gilliland on guitar.


Bree & the Fellas - Captured live at The Free Man - Burbon Stage - July 19, 2021

Bree & The Fellas hail from Dallas, TX. With a sound influenced by Jazz, R&B, and Pop, Bree is on a mission to spread a positive, relatable message accompanied by music that outright grooves. 

After years of accumulating songs and ideas, Bree makes her entrance with Girl on The Moon, a collection of songs that leave no doubt Bree is here to stay. The undeniable talent of the band coupled with Bree’s smooth, powerful voice is unique and sure to elicit an emotional response in listeners.

Catch the band at The Free Man in Deep Ellum. 

Official music video on YouTube

Frank Hasty & Da'Merge Band - Captured live at the Balcony Club July  17, 2021 

Frank's business card says it all; "The Best in Old School Funk & Fun". 

Around the Dallas music scene, it's hard to find a band that will generate more excitement and audience participation than Frank Hasty and Da Merge.  When they hit the stage, the crowd comes to its feet, the dancing begins and doesn't stop for hours.    Frank and Rona's comedy and singing are non-stop. The band is solid, tight, and transmits fun, funk, and irreverent comedy to the crowd.   If you're feeling low and could use a shot of fun and feel good, call a friend and drag yourselves directly to where ever the Da Merge Band is playing. 

The group consists of Frank Hasty aka "Stanky Franky" ( vocals and bandleader / cheerleader ) , Rona Francis (vocals ), Dwayne Hanes ( drummer ), Darius Johnson ( guitar ) Larry Davis ( piano ), and Lucios on bass. 

The band plays most of the Dallas clubs on a regular basis, but are also available for parties, conventions and anywhere there are folks who appreciate lively comedy and pounding Funk music. 

You can contact BigMouth Entertainment at (972) 480 2974 for bookings.


Ryan Berg - Ritz Carlton Hotel - Dallas, Texas - July 24, 2021

We caught Ryan Berg on a Friday night at the patio area of the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Dallas.  A classy place with a crowd to match. 

Ryan grew up in Dallas and is a respected singer, songwriter who appeared on NBC's The Voice in 2020. 

At the Carlton he did a single act, accompanied by his own (guitar) playing.   He sang mostly original material which I would classify as "Americana".  He frequently performs with the group "Velvet Ears", but certainly holds his own as a single singer.   He did two hours of his music to an attentive and appreciative audience of young adults. 

His songs are mostly ballads performed with a soothing tenor voice. His guitar is clearly above average for most solo singer-players.  I look forward to seeing Ryan with his band ( Velvet Ears ).  In the meantime, his solo performances would be the start of a great date night. 

Past recordings include the album "Velvet Ears" 

Ryan can be contacted at  ryanbergATX@gmail.com

Redfield's Neighborhood TavernMad World at Redfields July 24, 2021

In the shadow of Parkland Hospital is a restaurant/bar on Butler street named Redfield's Neighborhood Tavern.  It's easy to find as most of the neighborhood has been leveled for a new building.  The Redfield's building is large, with well lit, ample parking, and rock and roll pounding the air.  

Inside is a clean, well-kept bar area and a menu with all American items from pizza to burgers and fries, mixed drinks, and beer on tap.  If that's not enough, there is an honest to God cigarette machine just off the main dining room.   The first one I've seen in twenty years.   

Walking toward the bar you suddenly realize you are in the back room ( huge ) which has no ceiling, but lots of seating, a stage, and a dance "floor".

Once inside, the sounds of "Mad World" emanates from the sound system.  They are five guys: Grant McFarland  ( keyboards ),  Tolbert Pitman ( bass ),  Rene Guerrero (  guitar ),  Chris Holmes  ( drums ), and Clate Bowen, the lead vocalist with quite a range.  They play interpretations of others songs mostly from the 1980s and have been together for about six years.  On the evening I was there, the band featured guest singer India Spice.   

The band is tight and melodic. They are also one of the few groups I've heard recently that balanced the band with the vocals.  The outback crowd consisted of about twenty "20-somethings" dancing and generally having a great time. 

The band is scheduled to appear soon at "Lee Harvey's"  and the "Gas Monkey Bar and Grill", both in Dallas. 

On the whole, the place and the Mad World band were fun and a real find in an accessible area just west of downtown. 

Contact them at Madworlddallas@Gmail.com. 


Jay Cober and the Backline - Balcony Club - July 2021

Jay Cober and the Backline are a trio of well-seasoned players that do what Jay describes as “Blues with a touch of class”.  An apt description.  I caught them at the Balcony Club in Dallas on a Friday night.  Their music was tight and well-rehearsed.   The songs ranged from classical old south blues to more modern, free-form dance songs.   The vocals were mellow and a bit subdued but perfectly integrated with the music. 

Jay’s guitar playing was musical and fit the songs better than the playing of most blues “shredders”. The bass, played by Larry Vest was rhythmic, dynamic and appropriate to each song.  Likewise the drummer, Tom Chialstri  was tight, 

with good fills in the right places and provides a solid foundation for the band. Incidentally he was a previous member of the White House U.S. Army band. 

The Band performs as an integrated unit, no one player over shadows the others. 

The trio plays mostly around Dallas and Fort Worth, but in September this year, will featured at the Blind Lemon Jefferson Blues Festival in Wortham ( Free Stone County ) , Texas.  I also expect they will appear at least monthly at the Balcony Club. 

Bookings and other information can be made directly through Jay at (310) 990 1891.

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