Kenny and the Kasuals began their music making in 1965. The teen idol band had a fantastic two year run of performances. Their biggest hit record "Journey to Tyme" propelled them to a record contract with United Artists only to see the band dissolve because of members getting drafted. This would be Kenny and the Kasuals 1.0, and the band reforms again in the '80s and continued until 2019. 

The band leaves an interesting legacy of music, beginning with songs that felt more at home in the '50s but evolving over time into a true psychedelic/punk sound. A remastered release of their classic "Journey to Tyme" is scheduled for 2020. The Journey to Tyme re-issue will feature full fidelity sound not experienced as all previous versions were created from analog without the benefit modern day processing. There will also be a vinyl special edition pressing of this classic. Sign up for email updates to find out when it will be available. This will be a signed edition with limited availability. Pre-orders will be accepted later this year.

All of Kenny and the Kasuals recordings from the '60s available here for digital download are recently reprocessed to provide you with top quality audio. The songs maintain their retro sound and feel through recent advances in audio processing technology. 

A Short History of Kenny and the Kasuals

Fifty-six years ago, a new teenage band formed in Dallas, Texas. In 1965, a year after the Beatles played in Dallas Memorial Auditorium, the music scene all across America was in upheaval. The balladeers and crooners are still around making music, but new music is beginning to emerge, music with a beat, a musical frenzy of sorts pounded out on drums and guitars. Adults are not impressed, but the vast ocean of teens around in 1965 embrace it as their own.  

There are many new musical groups formed at this time. They would be called combos, or bands, or other names. Into this brave new musical world, a group of guys who called themselves "The Illusions" are playing at Harry Stone Recreation Center. Their name fits well with the event they perform at called "Dreamaires." The band consists of Kenny Daniel, Tommy Nichols, and Charles Beverly, three guys, and three guitars. The group lacks both bass and drums. Blaine Young will become the drummer. This version of the combo soon changes as Blaine departs to the Marines, and a new drummer called "Bird," takes his place. Charles Beverly leaves the group, and Carroll Briley, a bass player, replaces him.  

This new version of the combo sounds better with the bass and drums added, and at a job one fateful evening, a woman from North Dallas hears the group and tells her son that this group is better than the Beatles. Her son was Mark Lee. Mark Lee, a student at Hillcrest High School, had dreams of getting into the music business. He was looking for an opportunity, and this might be just what he was looking for, a group of guys who could play well enough but who didn't know how to promote themselves.  

It was soon after this that Kenny and the guys began to work on updating their music to reflect all of the changes happening in music. In the late Fall of 1964, Bird convinces Paul Roach to come tryout for the band. Paul joins the group, and it debuts in North Dallas in February 1965, at an apartment club. In the audience, that night, hearing the band for the first time is Mark Lee. Soon Mark is the band's manager and begins his work to reshape the group, and it's image. First, though, Mark needs to raise money to begin the transformation. Mark books the band into a club on Industrial Blvd. for four nights. At this point, Carroll Briley tells Mark he can't play the job, he has tickets to see My Fair Lady with his girlfriend. A guy by the name of Lee Lightfoot replaces Carroll. The roster of Kenny and the Kasuals is set for 1965.  

There will be many gigs, and the band starts recording originals in 1965. The year paves the way for the band's most significant year in 1966, opening for the Beach Boys, Sonny, and Cher and producing multiple records, all leading to the classic hit "Journey to Tyme." 1966 sees Tommy leave for the Navy, Jerry Smith joining the band and becoming the creative driving force behind many of the band's records. In 1967, Kenny and Jerry both head to military service, the group known as the Kasuals ends.  

The Kasuals will reform numerous times over the decades. There will be new records, and lots of gigs. There will be a roster of over twenty musicians who will be part of the band over the decades. The teen idols of Dallas from the '60s will continue into the 2010s playing their energetic and hard-driving music.  

To read a more comprehensive history of the Kasuals from beginning to present-day with a personal perspective from one of the band's members look for Paul Roach's new book "Notes from the Road," to be published later this year. The book will be available for sale on this website as well as Amazon.   

Gimme Some Lovin' 20 Anniversary Sumpin Else Reunion

20 Year Reunion Sumpin Else Show - Gloria

Kenny and the Kasuals Discography

1965  - Nothin' Better To Do   Label: Mark Records Ltd. ‎– M-911
Side A    Nothin' Better To Do  Songwriter – K. Daniel, T. Nichols  2:06 
Side B    Floatin' Songwriter – T. Nichols  2:20

1965  - Don't Let Your Baby Go   Label: Mark Records Ltd. ‎– 1002
Side A Written-By – Daniel*, Roach*, Nichols*  1:56 
Side B    The Best Thing Around  Written-By – Daniel*, Nichols*  2:25

1966 - Raindrops To Teardrops Label: Mark Records Ltd. ‎– MR-1004
Side A   Written-By    K. Daniel, T. Nichols  1:52 
Side B    Strings Of Time  Written By K. Daniel, T. Nichols  2:13

1966 - The Impact Sound of Kenny and the Kasuals Label: Mark Records Ltd
Chicago 60616                          1:24 
Money                                          3:06 
All The Day And All The Night 2:15 
You Make Me Feel So Good      2:59 
I'm Not Talking                            2:07 
Empty Heart                               2:39 
It's All Right                                 2:34 
Gloria                                           3:38 
You Better Move On                   2:46 
Baby, Please Don't Go               2:45 
Got A Good Thing Going            2:51 
Farmer John                                 1:52

1966 - Journey To Tyme Label: United Artists Records ‎– 50085
Side A Written by Jerry Smith and Mark Lee
Side B  I'm Gonna Make It   Arranged By – Jerry Smith Written By – J. Smith-L.C. Johnston 2:08

1966 - It's All Right  Label: Mark Records Ltd. ‎– MR 1003
Side A Written by R Davies  2:30
Side B You Make Me Feel So Good - Written by  Rod Argent  2:53

1966 - See-Saw Ride Label: Mark Records
Side A - Written by J. Smith  2:02
Side B - As I Knew written by J. Smith  1:50

1967  - Chimes on 42nd Street Label: Mark Records  (Truth - Kasuals reformed under this name)
Side A - Written by J. Smith 2:43
Side B - When Was Then written by J. Smith 2:12

1967 - Things Getting Better Written by J. Smith M. Lee
1967  - Who Stole My House Written by J. Smith
1967  - Come Tomorrow written by J. Smith
1967  - Come On Kid written by J. Smith and K. Daniels
1967 -  Revelations written by J. Smith
1967 -  And There You Were written by J. Smith

1978 - Teen Dreams (Album) Label: Mark Records Ltd. – LP 6000
A1    See Saw Ride                                    1:50 
A2    Strings Of Time                                  1:56 
A3    Things Gettin' Better                         2:02 
A4    As I Knew                                            1:52 
A5    Everything Seems Fine                     2:00 
A6    Come Tomorrow                                2:12 
A7    Revelations                                         2:38 
B1    Raindrops To Teardrops                   1:52 
B2    I'm Gonna Make It                              1:54 
B3    And There You Were                          1:55 
B4    Come On Kid                                        2:40 
B5    Can't Keep From Cryin' Sometimes 2:42 
B6    Who Stole My House                         2:10 
B7    Journey To Tyme                                  2:33

Album was comprised of songs recorded in 1966 and 1967. There are five songs on the album that were previously unreleased. 

Credits for Recordings 1965 - 1968

Bass – Lee Lightfoot 
Drums – Jon "Bird" Blachley 
Keyboards – Paul Roach 
Lead Guitar – Jerry Smith, Tommy Nichols, Richard Borgens, Bugs Henderson
Vocals, Guitar – Kenny B. Daniel

Recording Studios
Sellers Recording Studio - Dallas, Texas
Summit Sound Studios  - Dallas, Texas
Robin Hood Bryan's Studio - Tyler, Texas


 1979 - Garage Kings   - Mark Records Ltd. LP 7000
Recorded live in the Sanctuary of the Fieldcrest Baptist Church
A1      (C'mon) Shake It             4:12 
A2       Out Of Kontrol                3:38 
A3       Makes No Difference     2:30 
A4       Everybody's Making It   3:56 
A5       Disco Goer                       3:33 
B1       Candy, Little Girl              3:27 
B2        I Love To Go Flying         4:20 
B3        Why Did We Ever           4:15 
B4        Lost Woman 'Live'          3:24 
B5        Jesus (Arms Of Love)      3:46


Backing Vocals – The Cain Sisters 
Bass – Dan Green
Drums – Rosebud 
Engineer – Jerry Hudson, Tom Gondolf
Keyboards – Karl Tomorrow, Wally Wilson
Keyboards, Congas, Vibraphone – Ron Mason
Producer – Kenny Daniel, Mark Lee
Saxophone – Max Ball 
Slide Guitar [Acoustical Slide Guitar] – Jerry Smith 
Slide Guitar [Electric Slide Guitar] – Jack Morgan 
Violin [Electric Violin] – Tony Vinsey 
Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Harmonica, Bass [Fuzz Bass], Percussion – Kenny Daniel


1984 - No Exit       Label: None

A1      Oh Sharon 
A2      Candy Girl 
A3      Everything Seems Fine 
A4      Shake It 
A5      You Better Move On 
B1       Hot Rod Holly 
B2       Have Your Hand Stamped At The Door 
B3       Next Saturday Nite 
B4       Kids Stuff 
B5      I Never See My Name



Bass – Lee Lightfoot 
Cover – Eastshore Design 
Drums – Jon 'Bird' Blachley 
Guitar, Bass, Drums, Producer, Engineer, Mixed By – Tim Cooper 
Keyboards – Paul Roach 
Lead Guitar – Rollie Anderson 
Saxophone – Keith (Richie) Hubbard
Vocals, Guitar – Tedd Brumm 
Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica, Producer, Mixed By – Kenny Daniel 
Written-By – Alexander* (tracks: A5), K. Parsons* (tracks: B2), K. Daniel* (tracks: A1, A3, A4, B2 to B5), T. Brumm (tracks: A2, B1)

2020 - The Real Band In Real Time  Label:  Mark Records Ltd. 

1. Come On Up F. Cavaliere
2. Drive My Car Lennon-McCartney
3. Don’t Let the Sun Catch You Crying G. Marsden, F. Marsden, L. Chadwick, L. Maguire
4. Your Mamma Don’t Dance K. Loggins , J. Messina
5. You Really Got Me R. Davies
6. Ain’t Got You C. Carter
7. Tell Her No R. Argent
8. We Gotta Get Out of This Place B. Mann, C. Weil
9. Love the One You’re With S. Stillls
10. Let’s Spend the Night Together M. Jagger, K. Richards
11. Love Me Two Time R. Krieger
12. She’s Not There R. Argent
13. Till the End of the Day R. Davies
14. Louie, Louie Medley R. Berry, W. Ferrell, B. Berns
15. Him or Me M. Lindsay
16. I’m Down Lennon-McCartney
17. It’s My Life R. Atkins, C. D’Errico
18. Nazz Are Blue J. Beck, C. Dreja
19. Goin to New York J. Reed

 Kenny Daniel: Vocals
Tedd Brum: Vocals
Mikell Nelson: Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Rollie Anderson: Guitar
Lee Lightfoot: Bass, Vocals
Keith (Richie) Hubbard: Saxophone
Paul Roach: Keyboards
Jon (Bird) Blachley: Drums, Percussion

Locations: Nick’s Uptown (11/22/1982) & The Village Club (04/16/1988) Dallas, Texas
Recording: Q102 FM Mobile Unit (1982), Neal Parks (1988)
Mix and Mastering: Kent Stump, Crystal Clear Sound
Dallas Original Cover Art: Peter Ligon
Cover design: Kadie Brown
Executive Producer: Mark Lee
A&R: Jon Blachley and Mikell Nelson

There are numerous compilation albums published from 1980 to 2017.   None of the compilations contain any new material. The "Real Band in Real Time" album being released in 2020 will showcase all-new material. There are a few missing recordings from around the 2000 era that if found will be added to the discography and the digital downloads. Sign up for our email updates to keep you informed.



Lone Star Roadhouse

Continental Club 2010 SXSW Performance

Dr DJ Whatever - Things Are Getting Better

Music ~ Journey to Tyme by Kenny and The Kasuals Film ~ Excerpts from The Prisoner

Come On Kid

Kenny and the Kasuals April 2018 - Final Performance of Journey to Tyme with original members

Journey to Tyme - Again As A SoundTrack

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