Times Like This

Paul's new album release

My next album Times Like This will be released on November 20 available on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer, Claro Música, Amazon Music, Napster, Google Music, and YouTube Music. I will send out a link on the day of the release.

This album mixes, rock, hip-hop, jazz, electronica, and ambient into a series of musical statements about contemporary life. Here is a breakdown of the tracks on the album.

1 #BeatStreet - a hard-driving EDM song.

2. I Will Go - a Pink Floyd inspired song with male and female counterpoint vocals.

3. I Wanna Know - a modern styled song with a strong male vocal asking questions and making a statement.

4. Masquerade - a jazzy interpretation of heartfelt sentiments about isolation due to the pandemic.

5. Waiting - a contemporary styled pop song about waiting, and waiting during the pandemic.

6. Quarantined - an instrumental lament for all people who had to be quarantined during the pandemic. Features a Chinese Erhu solo against a string section.

7. Retrograde - events in 2020 look like we are going backwards and this song explores our travels.

8. Tell Me What's On Your Mind - this hip-hop inspired song, asks the question - what's on your mind - counterpointed by a rip-it-up electric guitar trying to answer the question. The last refrain sums up 2020 in all aspects.

9. ViralMeditation - Tibetian prayer bells introduce this ode to healing. At over 8 minutes long, this piece can be used as a backdrop for meditation, yoga, prayers, or simply to let your mind drift away during these troubled times. Bells, bamboo flute, wind chimes, wind, ambient voices, fill the void and intermingle with each other to send you healing energy now and forever.

Paul Roach

Composer & Musician

The music I'm making today is different from my rock n roll beginnings. Over the years, there has been so much great music, who could not help but be influenced by it! I have been fortunate to play rock, jazz, and classical music. I still enjoy listening to it all, plus all of the other contemporary musical dimensions inspire me as well. People ask me to describe my music so here goes:  An emotive sonic palate that soars and surges into multiple musical dimensions, obsessed with beats,  ethnic melodies and other worlds. The collision of these sounds, musical identities and seemingly unrelated sounds hang together to create a very listenable set of material. This aural perspective translates into music filled with a multiplicity of emotions reflecting the changing nature of society, the environment and culture. Bleak dystopian landscapes, dreamy optimistic emotions and solid beats work to keep it interesting and alive without taking itself too seriously.   How's that sound?? 

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